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Season 4

She never thought that by losing everything, she once wanted, she would actually find everything she needed. Meet Christina Brophy the founder of The Women's Empowerment Expo, The VC Network Group, The Create Media Studio, The Health Wellness Expo, Women of Faith Conference, and the non-profit organization The WE Network.

She became an established non-profit organization one year after hosting two Women’s Empowerment Expos. About two years ago, she left an abusive and toxic relationship, had nothing of her own, and ended up homeless and was too embarrassed to ask her friends and family for help. She started going to inspirational events to lift her spirits and one speaker said some words that would forever change her life, “if you’re tired of doing the same thing, stop doing the same thing.” Thanks to those words she had the power to leave that relationship and her journey to helping others would begin. She began to organize her first event in Ventura, CA and over hundred female-founded businesses and hundreds of women showed up. Christina then started creating programs and established her non-profit The WE Network for women, men, and youth overcoming domestic violence and abuse. Tune in to get to know the amazing women behind the scenes. Be prepared to be inspired as she talks to us about her upbringing, heartaches, and every obstacle that have paved her beautiful journey of helping others.

Welcome to Season 4! We are excited to kick off the new season with an awesome guest. Meet Justin Favela, a mixed media artist who does large-scale installation sculptures in the piñata style. His work references pop culture, art history, society, cultural commentary, and his own Guatemala-Mexican-American heritage that is rooted in growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Justin's work has been featured all over his hometown of Las Vegas as well as in museums and galleries across the United States. Justin is the recipient of the 2018 Alan Turing LGTBIQ Award in the category of International Artist. His podcast, Latinos Who Lunch, won the Best of Vegas 2018 award for Best Local Podcast and was ranked number 3 on Remezcla's list of Latinx Podcasts. He, also, recently started the Art People podcast. Tune in and get to know Favy Fav on a deeper level as he talks about his career, family, the legacy he wants to leave, and how he finds inspiration. It's amazing how much his life has changed over the years and how thankful he is for doing what he loves. Justin doesn't believe in dreams, he believes in setting goals, working hard, and manifesting the things he wants. We hope you enjoy this episode as you get to learn a little from our guest.

Season 3

After every breakup, life must go one! And with that, comes new adventures. Tune in for the season finally as Joelly introduces her new recurring guest, Dulce Villa. Dulce is Joelly's best friend and now will be occasionally sharing a microphone in La Llave Podcast. Dulce's bright personally will be a breath of fresh air for our future episodes. Please join us as we welcome her. Joelly discuses what the future holds for the podcast, her personal, and professional life. Learn about her life and family coaching business, "Aura by Joelly" and her mommy group, "Arriba Las Mamas." We are excited about all the new adventures that lye ahead of us. The best is yet to come!

With a heavy heart, La Llave Podcast says goodbye to our compadre George. We thank him for his time, dedication, and his charming personality that lightened up our Monday mornings. Tune in as Joelly and George discuss why and how this decision was made. We wish him the best and hope to hear from him soon, perhaps, on his own podcast. We may not remember everything you said but we will always remember how special you made us feel. Thank you Comadre.

La LLave welcomes someone very important in Joelly's life, her aunt Elizabeth Favela, better known as her Tia Licha. Tia Licha has played an enormous roll in Joelly's life. Tune in as they discuss childhood memories, family traditions, and how their faith has helped them overcome trials. They talk about the beauty of not judging and simply accepting people for who they are, and showing them love and compassion. Her tia opens up about her love for the Lord, how religion impacted her upbringing, and how she wishes to leave an impact by helping incarcerated women. Get to know a little more of Joelly's family and her childhood along with the people she loves. The episode is recorded in Spanish.

Episode Sponsor: Aura by Joelly

Meet this beautiful author, speaker, mentor, and lover of life, Liv Dooley. Growing up, Liv encountered a myriad of challenges connected to low self-esteem, depression, anorexia nervosa, and alcoholism, all of which were exacerbated by the poor relationship she experienced with her mom. In 2014, Liv founded The Colorfully Candid Paradigm, Incorporated to become the mentor and provide the support she needed as a teen. As a national empowerment strategist and author, she is dedicated to inspiring change among girls and women through conversation and creativity. Today, Liv enjoys working with her mother, Beverly, and a host of other women to support future female leaders by ensuring they have all of the tools they need to be successful academically, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Liv's mission with her foundation is to enhance the emotional intelligence of young ladies, ages 11-18, and their families throughout underserved communities by equipping participants with the tools to effectively handle stress and to succeed in life. Tune in as she talks about her upbringing, her relationship with her parents, where she gets her inspiration for her novels, and as she answers some pretty deep questions.

Episode Recommendation: "Compliments, Confidence, and Confetti", "One Chance to Live Young", and "Two Dreams and a Goal", By Liv Dooley.

Episode Sponsor: Aura by Joelly

Today we welcome Dulce Villa back into the studio. From shared pregnancies, party nights, to endless laughter, these besties are here to talk about it all with no filter. Tune in as they share there different experiences, views, and feelings on pregnancy and how it’s ok to feel certain ways. No need for guilt. Also, you won’t want to miss the chisme (gossip) as Dulce reveals one of Joelly’s secrets. The besties also share some of their favorite mommy affirmations. 

  1. “There’s no way to be perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” -Jill Churchill

  2. Only I can give my children a happy mother.

  3. I’m a blessing to my children.

  4. I’m doing an amazing job.

  5. “A mother’s love liberates.” -Maya Angelou

  6. I am my child’s lifelong teacher.

  7. I can trust my maternal intuition.

  8. “Mothers love is fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” -Marion C. Garretty

  9. I am learning to be a better mother with each day

  10. Today I will notice the positive aspect of motherhood.

  11. “The strength of motherhood is greater then natural laws.” -Barbara Kingsolver.

  12. I will take care of myself in order to be a good mother.

  13. “There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.” -Pamela S. Nadav

  14. I am grateful for my ability to create life.

  15. I am doing the best that I can for my children and it is enough.



In honor of Autism month, we welcome Karla Gillet to the studio. Never in a million years did she ever think her son would have Autism. Her life purpose is to be her son's advocate and voice. She talks about how God picked the perfect son for her, the power of faith, and how this journey has strengthened her family. "I'm not saying this isn't one of the hardest things for me, what I'm saying is that we don't give up easy in my house" - Karla. This mommy has spent timeless hours researching ways to help her son and she was kind enough to share some tips and facts with us.  Tune in as she describes early signs, where and how to get support, and how we should never give up on our children. In this episode, we are reminded of how amazing it is to be unique in our own ways. 

Hello everyone! As you all know La Llave had their first birthday and has ben recovering from la cruda. We are currently working on providing you with some great content during this break and would like to invite you to listen to our first episode, Mucho Gusto.

In this first episode Joelly Favela Medina and George Anthony introduce themselves to their podcast listeners and talk about how they got inspired to start their journey into podcast stardom.

This week La Llave shares the mic with Dave Hollis, CEO of the Hollis Company and husband to Rachel Hollis, the New York Times Best Seller of Girl, Wash Your Face and former President of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution to The Walt Disney Company. Dave speaks his truths on the decision to leave Disney to partner up with his wife to pursue the importance of growth, getting in the right mindset, and not being afraid of being uncomfortable. Tune in to be inspired and rewired.

Hey keys, in this weeks episode, we talk with Stephanie and Gabby who are recent transplants to Austin Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World. Stephanie sits down with us at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters to talk about loss, rejection, love, music and the value of time. Tune in as she breaks down her family’s history of DJs and what has been her key to reignite her love for writing about music.

Have you ever wondered what’s it like in the life of a news producer and podcast host? Well, you’re in luck because La Llave would like to introduce you to Danielle Nelson, she is an ABC News Producer and co-host of the podcast called The Feature. 

“The Feature is a stand-out podcast about MOVIES! It’s not just any old podcast, we relate film to everyday life.”

Danielle also talked about her recent interpretation of the Netflix Original movie, Roma. We also asked Danielle what have been the best and worst moments in her news career. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, because we know we did.

Everything begins with a dream. Meet Brian Romero, aka Breezy, owner of Taylrd Barbershop. Tune in as he talks about his journey, challenges, and struggles that have build him into the man he has become. His journey wasn't easy but with the help of his loving wife, God, and his family, he was able to conquer it all. Be prepared to be inspired by this gentlemen's story. He hopes that through his story he is able to help others. May this episode resonate with some of you and may you see that you not alone in some of the challenges we face today. Brian is a living example that with faith and a positive attitude, all thing are possible

Communication is la llave, the key, to any relationship. Join Joelly and George as they work on their communication skills to improve their work relationship. Tune in as they read and answer some deep questions. George has some exciting news and Joelly shares some relationship advise

Season  1

In this first episode Joelly Favela Medina and George Anthony introduce themselves to their podcast listeners and talk about how they got inspired to start their journey into podcast stardom. Join them as they answer random questions, some more awkward then others, in hopes for the listeners to get a better feel of who they are. Tune in for an episode filled with laughter and good vibes!

Join the compadres as they talk about life as being married and single. The pros and cons of each life style. Learn the importance of visualization, prayer, meditation, and the law of attraction. Joelly shares the advantages of drawing out your goals and making room for the life you want to attract. 

The compadres are excited to have their first quest. A beautiful Latina born in Tijuana Mexico. Dulce Villa Romero talks about growing up in Mexico and migrating to the USA when she was fourteen. She opens up about her family, past, and an event that would change her life forever. Joelly and Dulce talk express the importance of having a soul-sister, soul-Hermana. They believe soul mates are not always found in romantic relationships but they can also be found in friendships. 

In today's episode, George is excited to share his microphone with his bestfriend and wing woman, Susie. Join them as they talk about their friendship, families, and memories. Susie talks about what led her to discover her llave to happiness, the importance of finding herself and how she got out of her comfort zone. We also hear about George and how he continues enjoying his single life as he talks about his recent trip and his passion for banda, si senor! While Susie and Joelly vent about how mothers often get judged while in pursuit of finding themselves and happiness. 

Have you ever dared to dream? Join our guest, Alondra Vega Reynolds, as she talks about a time in her life when her only form of survival was dreaming. When Alondra hit rock bottom, she turned to prayer, visualization, and hope. Years later those dreams have become her reality. She talks about how her family migrated to the US and how family and faith were her strength during her journey through sobriety. For once, George was left speechless with the beautiful words from Alondra. Tune in for some serious inspiration! Alondra explains how we all have the power to live our dream lives.

The compadres take a little break to catch up on life and things happening in their lives. George had a few topics he wanted to get off his chest. Join them as they discuss about their ex's, families, ways they give themselves self love, and the power of confidence. Be prepared to be entertained with his bowl of random variedad, yet interesting topics. Enjoy!

Our guest Geissell Sandoval was born in Nicaragua, raised in California, and fell in love with the Mexican culture. Join her as she talks about her migration story. She believes people come to the United States in hopes of a better future and to escape corruption. She opens up about struggles and heart aches her family has encounter in America. Join their conversation has they talk about what America has become and how social media has impacted society. Despite her struggles, Geissell manages to have a positive and hopeful outlook in life. She is now an American citizen and living el sueño Americano.

On this week's episode we have the honor to introduce the fabulous, licensiado, y doctor Anthony Anguiano. Better know as Tony, he is the first generation Latino and college graduate in his family. Tune in as they discuss the pros and cons of being first generation Latinx in the US. Tony opens up about the importance of being true to yourself, family, and friends. His weight loss journey is a true inspiration. He explains the importance of setting and keeping realistic goals. Along with Tony, the compadres agree that being first generation Latinx comes with great responsibility. They feel the need to make their families migration worth the sacrifices. 

In honor of Foster Care Awareness month we has the privilege of recording with Mal. A beautiful and kind hearted women who become a foster parent. Join her as she talks about her amazing journey. A journey that hasn't always been easy but definitely rewarding. Mal believes that this world needs love and if we all do our part, a little can go a long way. Tune in to learn about making an impact, perhaps fostering a child, or simply finding ways to share your love. 

Join us today on this very special day where we welcome one of our mentors, el Doctor Emmanuel Ortega, also known as Babelito from the famous podcast Latinos Who Lunch. Babelito is a curator and a Doctoral Candidate in Ibero-America colonial art history and professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Tune in as we share our space and dive into the mind of this brown scholar where we discuss Joellys recent trip to Mexico City. We also talked about the importance of La Virgen of Guadalupe in our culture, Frida Kahlo as the anti icon, the cure to female hysteria and colonialism.  

Keep up with the compardes! Join them as they talk about their love and appreciation for the Vegas Golden Knights. A hockey team that has lifted the city of Las Vegas and changed it forever. Joelly talks about her first trip without her kids. Tune in as she talks about her choco-aventuras y desmadre. Meanwhile, back in town, George has a drunken night where he reconnects with his ex girlfriend. This may mean he is no longer a single bachelor! Speaking of love, they also talk about George's experience in EDC and his staycation. 

On this episode of La Llave, we introduce Joelly's best friend of twenty years Yessenia, where we get a taste for her jokes, sense of humor and her mission to domesticating her husband and children. Joelly and George also talk about mental health and the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. We also dive into George's moms sazon and corky way of remembering recipes. Then we finish off with the debate if birria is made from chivo o de res and our key to happiness. 

Join the compadres while they talk about their bitter sweet week. They express their appreciation towards every follower, listener, review, and rating. They talk about every milestone. Joelly breaks the news to George about being placed in Instagram jail. With almost reaching their three month anniversary the compadres are so thankful, but they can't help but to be heartbroken with everything going on in the boarders. They strongly believe family separation is wrong. They talk about steps we can all take to help. We all have the llave, la voz, to help. George is considering running for president so stay tune to vote for our compadre in the near future. 

Meet Karla, a beautiful Latina woman born in Texas but raised in Chihuahua Mexico. She is proud of being the daughter of immigrants, her culture, and upbringing. At a young age she was separated from her parents to go live in a small town with her grandparents. There she would learn her values, hard working traits, and how to become a strong and independent women. She’s thankful for being raised by her grandmother. She expresses how much her grandmother’s love shaped her into the person she is today. She believes that if everyone was more kind to one another, this world would be a better place.

Join the compadres and Karla as they reminisce on the 90s! To remember is to live again. Jump into this time capsule as they talk about tv shows, novelas, famous sayings, styles, and artists that made the 90s memorable. Enjoy this episode as if was done with, as Walter Mercado would say, mucho mucho (kiss) AMOR!

Tune in this week as Joelly and George gamble it all and try to get the attention of their celebrity crushes. Have you had a celebrity crush like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a bearded Ana Gabriel, Don Francisco or a Chingonx person in power? Find out if these crushes are normal or just erotic rabbit holes to our hearts. Awkward! We also dive into amores prohibidos como hombres mayores and confidence being sexy. 

In this episode, George is running late to their recording session, Joelly isn't worried and starts recording without him as she has girl talk with Jasmine, a beautiful Army wife. Jasmine explains her husbands role in explosive ordinance disposal, the patience that is needed to adjust back to civilization and the tough reality required to serve our country. The girls also give George a hard time when he asks about infidelity and if it's avoidable. Jasmine also ends with some pretty solid advice, swipe right on your dreams.

This week we talk to Rudy a father, husband, super papa, activist, brother and mentor to the community. Joelly and George ask Rudy about his weight loss journey, family values, and his pursuit to become a better man. Joelly also breaks down her motto, "we have to inspire before we expire" putting life into perspective that it is still not over. In closing, Rudy said it best, "get involved, we are the voice of the silent." Hash tag power couple.

This week you're in for a treat as La Llave gets inspiration from Henry Jimenez, a scholar with a dual degree in Woman's Studies and Political Science. He is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs. Henry talks about how hard working our parents are to come into this country, undocumented, and provide a life for their families. He believes in leading and working towards a bright futuro para nuestros hijos. We dive into Henry's dream of creating the act of voting as a new family tradition. The compadres were inspired by Henry's optimism radiating through the studio. And we hope he has the same effect on you. Tune in so you can get to know this humble man who is proud of wearing his chanclas and carry with him his culture. 

Season 2

Bienvenidos, welcome to season two!  Join the compadres as they reminisce on season one and welcome season two. Joelly talks about her summer vacation.  During her time in her parents hometown, she went through memory lane, soul searching, and shared valuable family time. She explains the importance of being in touch and connected with your roots. Learn a little about her traditions, such as coliaderas. In the meantime George was holding down the fork with the podcast. 

Join us for a steamy episode as we dive into the journey of Christian Torres. Christian helps business owners and online influencers increase their revenue every month by implementing modern marketing systems. Before he got into marketing for businesses he was one of the top dating coaches in Las Vegas. He would help shy, nervous, nice guys attract the women of their dreams. Christian provides proven and time tested dating and seduction methods. Join us has he talks about how he got on the cover of Seven Magazine, what lead him to become a dating coach, all while still remaining a virgin. He also talks about his upbringings as a Mexican American Mormon. 

On this weeks episode get to know Joelly's brother, Adrian Favela. Get to know a little bit of how he become such a gentlemen, his upbringing, and his journey. With a Bachelors degree in Accounting and a career job he would later realize that those factors were not making him happy. He realized that the key to his happiness was pursuing his passion. His passion is working with suits and helping others find their perfect fit. He believes that money is important but it is not everything. He realizes that when you are happy with what you are doing, you never work a day in your life, and everything falls into place. If you were considering purchasing a suit, Adrian shares some valuable tips to find your perfect match. This episode encourages everyone to follow their dreams, not to limit your happiness, and dress how you would like to be addressed. Tune in for some laughs as we prepare George for his makeover and blind date. 

Emily Persaud-Zamora is the Executive Director of Silver States Voices, an organization dedicated to building the political power of communities of color, and youth in the state of Nevada. Previously, she has served as the Nevada State Coordinator for SEIU's immigration campaign, iAmerica, and as the Nevada c4 Director for Mi Familia Vota. Emily is the daughter of Brazilian and Guyanese immigrants. She is the proud mother of her 3 year old son William Alexander and is married to her college sweetheart Rudy. Tune in as she explains her need to invest in politics, the community, and paying her families sacrifices forward. Learn different ways we can all contribute towards our community and steps on how to be involved. She strongly believes we have no excuse to not be involved and be bystander. If we are unhappy with a situation, we have the key to take action and change the outcome. We encourage all listeners to begin doing research and start preparing to vote this November. Get to know Emily's personal side as she talks about juggling work life and mommy life. 

Happy Monday and feliz lunez! On today's episode se nos perdio George, we lost George. Good thing Joelly is left in great hands. Our guest today is the beautiful and inspiring Maritere Rodriguez Bellas. Maritere is an award winning author, influencer, and has been the voice for Latino immigrants parents. Join the ladies as they dive into her award winning book, "Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie. Join them as they discuss the struggles and benefits of raising bicultural children. Lean about this amazing ladies story, family, and lifestyle. 

This week we share copas, drinks, with strategy and prosperity coach Candice Morales. Candice is the Co-Founder of Vegas Woman Connect and Riding with Cory and Candice. Join us as she talks about how important it is to focus on your mind, body and spirit. She also talks about taking calculated risks and how hard work and change doesn’t happen overnight. Learn how success looks different for everyone. Through is episode we encourage everyone to do what you love, take positive risks, create your life, and make stuff happen. If you feel lost or don’t know where to begin, Candice is available to help you become the best vision of yourself. 

Virgo season has officially come to an end. Join the compadres as they talk about exciting events during Virgo season. Hear how each compadre celebrated their birthday month. Joelly opens up about her choco-aventuras with her soul hermana Dulce. She also shares with us her next adventure, her blog page and dream of having her own reality show along with Dulce. George talks about beginning his birthday with his new healthy lifestyle. Tune in as they also discuss the importance of talking to someone when you are feeling down and not so positive, how we shouldn’t allow one mistake to define who we are, and the importance of picking ourselves up when falling. We all grow through difficult situations and trials, it’s part of growing. Hope you enjoy this episode and their special guest, little Abraham. 

Todays episode is dedicated to our 58 angels, first responders, Route 91 family, and Las Vegas as we are Vegas stronger. On this day, one year ago, Las Vegas went through an event that would forever change the city. The Route 91 Harvest festival was the scene of a shooting spree that changed the lives of many. Meet two survivors Denise and Erick. They tell their stories of recovery, how they are so thankful for all the love and support they have received, and how they found friendship in between the chaos. They talk about what life has been for them this past year and how much they have grown. Engage as they discuss valuable safety tips when attending concerts. They  express the importance of living and enjoying every minute of life. Be prepared for an inspiring episode as we discover the importance and value of life.

Feliz Lunez and happy Monday! The time has finally arrived, the day that we have George's mom, Norma on the podcast. Tune in to get to know her and more of his family. Learn where George gets his tough love from and how much love he is surrounded with.

Remember to get out there and makes your dreams come true. WE BELIEVE IN YOU! You hold your key to success.

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This week we sit down with Christian and Erika, local educators who discuss the realities of raising their children in a culturally diverse environment. As teachers, they emphasize education needs to start at home and they are not in the business of being just academic educators, but are in the business of building relationship. We also dive into George's geeky band past and discuss how he blossomed after his first Corona.

This week George solicits the help of Jennifer, his best friends wife to help him with the episode porque Joelly lo abandono for bigger and greater things. We go back in time to visit Georges family in El Paso, Texas to be part of Davina and Eduardo's wedding. We have the whole family chismeando during la recalentada and expecting babies, but from who? Tune in to find out.

In this episode, George can't wait to spill the beans on his recent trip to his pueblito Yahualica, Jalisco where he talks about his amor de fin de semana and Joelly doesn't skip a beat para sacarle toda la sopa. Los Compadres also talk about George's first trip to a bull fight here there's mixed feelings in the studio. La Llave also invites you to their Dia de los Muertos Altar at the Springs Preserve this weekend, so come join us.

La Llave brings you a very special episode which was recorded live from the Springs Preserve during the celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Joelly and George record in front of a live audience as they talk about what inspired them to honor their loved ones with a beautiful ofrenda. George was also taken aback that there could be the possibility of our loved ones walking among us dressed as the living just as we were dressed as the dead.

In today's episode, Joelly and George are excited to present you Ronda, an empowerment coach and business owner who's humbling past has thought her there is never a lost always a lesson. Ronda breaks down her formula for success by reflecting in October, planning in November and taking action in December so you can get ahead in January. Remember to get out there and makes your dreams come true. WE BELIEVE IN YOU! You hold your key to success.

In this adventure we go back in time and bring you a small part of George's trip to Mexico City. In a crowded restaurant across El Monumento de la Revolucion, George sparks a conversation with Mauro, a waiter who spoke about living in the Capital and the hardships of his daily commute. Tune in as we discuss the Mexican revolution, fine dining, the arts and Mexico's history.

Join Joelly and George as they share exciting news that will forever change their lives. They talk about the importance of embracing change regardless of how scary it may be. Tune in as they keep you posted on all their latest projects, including Joelly’s milk bath photoshoot.

Robyn Eckersley works with powerful women who desire to make a difference in the world, but struggle to find the time in their busy schedules. Through her strategies and systems, she helps them to integrate their vision of impact seamlessly across their lives. Robyn is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and lives with her husband Tony and their three cats in Las Vegas, NV. Tune in to learn about her journey and upbringing. Enjoy this episode as she shares some fundamental tips for simply living a happier life.

Bethany Orrick is a Grief Counselor and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, and wellness practitioner dedicated to the emotional well-being of others. . She believes in the importance of understanding that healing and wellness are necessary for a life of balance and happiness. That’s why her services are customized based on the needs of each individual, company, convention, or conference. As a practitioner of Greif Counseling and Emotional development. She is dedicated to helping others discover and increase their Emotional Intelligence. Bethany assists with life balance, inner peace, meditation, and letting go of fear. Through her own experience, she has developed a powerful teaching about love and fear that enriches countless lives. Her story begins with sadness from the loss of my young daughter Sarah. It was then that she learned to heal and grow into a life filled with love, laughter and the need to help others find this balance. Tune in as she talks about the importance of self love, letting go of guilt, and believing in yourself. Oh and did we mentioned that she is hypnotherapist?! Trust us, you won't want to miss this interesting episode.   

Contact Bethany Orrick through her website at www.bethanyaorrick.com

Happy New Years!!! Join us for this episode as we prepare to bring in the new year. We prepare our minds, bodies, and souls. And to help us do so, we have invited a very special guest. The beautiful, smart, and talented Stephanie Flores. Stephanie is a self-care and life style blogger, Latina mental heath therapist, and podcast host. She is the creator and host for the wonderful podcast "The Focus on You." Tune in as she shares her power word for 2019 and helps us discover ours. She also explains the importance and advntages of having a power word. Make sure to visit her blog page for helpful information on mental health and self love. Let's begin this year loving ourselves more then ever. The better visions of ourselves we become, the more we have to offer those around us. 

Contact Stephanie Flores through her Instagram @Thefocusonyou.

Season 3

George and Joelly get together to wrap up season 2 of La Llave Podcast. Joelly announces her new purpose in life as a life and family coach with her new company, Aura by Joelly. George also takes the show on the road by announcing he's moving to El Paso, Texas to be with Family. Tune in as they gather up the courage to rise to the new opportunities presented to them in their new beginnings. 

This week, George and Johnathan, Joelly’s husband, interview Larry Hagner. Larry is the creator of the Dad Edge Podcast. Join us as we discuss male vulnerabilities, the poor advice men have received growing up, and the importance of finding a tribe of men you can live with. Tune in as Larry discusses how to become better men, husbands, and fathers through the five dimensions of manhood. 

Contact Larry Hagner through his Instagram @Thedadedge.

Have you ever considered going to the doctor's office and getting a prescription for the food you eat? Well, you're in luck, in today's episode, La Llave sits down with Dr. Adrian Chavez, the creator of the podcast Your Nutrition Prescription. Adrian breaks down the key to happiness and the steps to take, such as eating real food, knowing your calories, exercising regularly, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and spending more time with nature. In short, as Adrian puts it, "your suppose to be uncomfortable" in order to avoid "uncomfortable situations in the future."

Contact Dr. Adrian Chavez through his Instagram page at Your Nutrition Prescription.

On this weeks episode, we get another glimpse at Joelly's family. Her cousins Cristien and Omar along with her brother Adrian talk about their families values, traditions, and bond. Omar dives a little into horoscopes, zodiac signs, moon, sun, and rising signs. Tune in for some good laughs as Cristien talks about his tamale cooking experience, over the holidays. Get to know a little about their grandmas and some memories they share.

Joelly, our comadre, feels as if she's been pregnant for a very long time and hasn't had a drink. Join her as she goes back in time to an episode, from season one, in which she wasn't pregnant and she was enjoying a few cocktails. In her words "recordar es vivir." This recording is the second part to the episode "El Sueño Americano" in which they had the beautiful guest Geissell Sandoval. Tune in for a great time, laughs, and drinks with George, Geissell, and Joelly. From chola-aventuras, to growing up in government housing, to her mom beating up a few neighborhood girls, this episode is filled with laughs and random topic.